Exhibition at Friedenskapelle Münster – Vernissage 18.01.2020

Will these ruins ever be resurrected? Churches, places of worship, meditation, edification and collection, sadness and joy, rituals and sacrament. Symbols of Christianity and the wealth of their dignitaries. Architecture, paintings, music, glass art, masonry and other art varieties evolved symbiotically with these grand buildings of the western world. Today, congregations shrink, some churches are abandoned all together. Are the derelict ruins an omen of the future of Christianity?

On his travels to abandoned places the Photographer Markus Gebauer explored several religious places. A special Selection will be presented aut this exhibtion.

Once Friedenskapelle was lost before he couldnt find a better place for this exhibtion!

After the Vernissage the Exhibtion is shown at all public Events from Friedenskapelle or with special appointment contact at urbexery.com

Friedenskapelle Münster
Willy-Brandt-Weg 37b
48155 Münster


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