Exploring the beauty of the past, all else is left to imagination

For several years now, the Photographer and Musician MGness has specialized in capturing the fascination of abandoned (sub-)urban spaces with their aging charm and glamour of forgotten times. In pursuit of the perfect moment and light, he has travelled thousands of kilometers and crossed numerous borders to seek out these untouched treasures.

The subjects in their aesthetic and romantic glory are intricately hidden, and it takes his craving for adventure as well as patience, diligence and perfectionism to carefully portray their authentic and historic ambiance. MGness has fine-tuned his perspective to depict these mythical places of the world in a moving and dramatic light.

He makes us aware of their beauty and transience. He discovers secret locations, which have been mysteriously abandoned and left to succumb to nature; their former hum perceptible, but now overcome by eerie tranquility.
He enables a glimpse at their potential story in his imagery – all else is left to imagination